Patricia WardThe purposes of Moving Voices, The Isadora Duncan Cultural Exchange are grounded within the lives of people regardless of race, religion, gender, sexual preference, aga and national origin.  Movement Arts education for effective living is dedicated to the objectives of self-realization, human relationships, economic efficiency and civic responsibility.

Moving Voices, founded in 1994 and evolving into Moving Voices The Isadora Duncan Cultural Exchange, a 501c3 non-profit, is organized to promote and preserve the Art and Dance of Isadora Duncan and the Movement Arts.  Via education, collaboration and performance, relationships among diverse local, regional and global cultures are enhanced and enriched.  Through the Art and Dance of Isadora Duncan and the Movement Arts, people join together on universal artistic ground to create, dance and move in harmony, peace and love.  Duncan Dance and the Movement Arts establish partnerships for culture sharing where understanding and empathic coexistence among all peoples are achieved.

pen-ink5-largeIsadora Duncan is recognized as founder and matriarch of Modern Dance.  Within her technique the movement palette is imbued with Grecian motifs and self-expressive imaginal nuance enlivened through music from great classical and contemporary masters.  Duncan Dance reflects upon the kindred movement spirit between man/woman and nature.  The ebb and flow of an eternal wave, the bend and sway of a tree, the bound of a gazelle, the effortless soar of an eagle... all are inspiration for the Dance.

pen-ink6-largeA processional walk may develop into a skip, a float run or a triumphant leap.  a flowing Apollonian Waltz may give impetus for the exuberant Dionysian charge. A light run may evolve in the strength of the Amazon.  All are inspired by movement response from the inside-out, the solar plexus, the body centre.  This inside=out response if regarded to be the life pulse for Isadora Duncan's movement principles and is observed today in the sentient empowerment of modern dance, ballet, expressive movement, improvisation and a mosaic of body-mind healing modalities.

pen-ink2-largeThe beauty of Isadorian Dance unfolds from inside-out nurturing each person's special gift of uniqueness.  Just as all of Nature moves within a felt heartbeat rhythm so do our bodies, moving within our own natural harmonies within the universe.  A waxing and waning of energy is ever present to continue us onward along the spiral of life.  The ever present empathic partnership between energy-rhythm-movement connects within us, connects each of us to the other and to existence.  The union is immutable even in repose.  All that is essential for the dancer is to listen, feel, attune to what he/she intuitively has known since time began.  We are One within Ourselves and One within the Universe.

Special Guest Artist Workshops, Performances & Residencies throughout the year