Patricia Ward, Founder of Moving Voices Isadora Duncan Cultural Exchange

Patricia W. Ward, MA, MIDMA, MRDE, the Artistic Director of MUSES OF MODERN DANCE, founded May, 2010 and Director of Artistic Education of MOVING VOICES THE ISADORA DUNCAN CULTURAL EXCHANGE, INC. Established in 1994 by Ms. Ward, MOVING VOICES promotes and preserves the Art and Dance of Isadora Duncan and The Movement Arts. Through education, collaboration, performance and altruism, MUSES OF MODERN DANCE and MOVING VOICES strengthen relationships among diverse local, regional and global cultures.

Following graduation from Virginia Commonwealth University and Randolph College, Ms. Ward received a Master of Arts Degree in Dance Related Studies from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. She holds a post-graduate IDII Certification in Isadora Duncan Studies, is a Master Isadora Duncan Movement Analyst and is furthering studies through the Certificate Program II: The Advanced Diploma in Performance and Choreography and The Certificate Program in Myth and Metaphor all affiliated and in conjunction with The Isadora Duncan International Institute, Jeanne Bresciani, PhD Director. Ms. Ward is recipient of IDII's prestigious Anita Zahn Education of The Child Award.

Ms. Ward is an Artist-In-Education Resident through The Virginia Commission for the Arts, past Artist Faculty and past Artistic Advisor for Young Audiences of Virginia. She is Program Coordinator for The Arts through The Southern Virginia Higher Education Center and is Adjunct Faculty through the Virginia Community College System, teach a variety of Dance forms, Dance History, Humanities and Pilates Yoga. She is a current Board member of The Community Arts Center Foundation, South Boston, VA and a 21st Century Learning Partner, Halifax, VA Public Schools.

Ms. Ward performs nationally and internationally with IDII. She served on the Steering Committee for The Reinstatement of The Delphic Games, performed at The Delphi Archeological Stadium, The Athens American Community School and The Temple of Artemis in Vavrona, Greece as well as studying/ performing through the Isadora Duncan School, Paris, France. She performs with her elite Liturgical Dance Ensemble, Moving Voices Children’s Ensemble and Moving Voices Adult Repertoire Ensemble. She performs, instructs and conducts workshops within a variety of venues including public and private educational institutions, Art studios, museums, hospitals and Arts Therapy conferences. Her profound and enduring spiritual faith molds and shapes Ms. Ward‘s life and art.

Special Guest Artist Workshops, Performances & Residencies throughout the year