Patricia W. Ward is included in the Artist Roster for The Artists-in-Education Residence Program, Virginia Commission for the Arts and is a Past Regional Panelist.

Isadora Duncan, one of three American Modern Dance founders and icons in the Modern Dance genre, including Loie Fuller and Ruth St. Denis, emphasized movement from the inside-out and moving from the authentic self.  The Duncan workshop/residency/performance programs offered connect that past creative/innovative knowledge  to the present and future. School programs are designed to highlight the connection between a historic breakthrough in the way dance was viewed then, and in today’s world, how it is still solidly relevant within all Arts disciplines and cross curriculum teachings. The Duncan discipline speculates  upon where Modern Dance is destined to be within the future.   Duncan Dance is the Creative Process at its best.  Left and Right Brain processing complimenting and working in harmony. 

The focus of the residency is an experiential investigation of the creative process in modern dance.  This shared experience is designed to introduce students to the elements of dance by choreographing themes and variations to be performed during a culminating public performance.

Patricia W Ward, Artist-in-Education Residence Virginia Commission for the ArtsCore group and general student groups will be exposed to modern dance and the role it plays in a multicultural-global society.  The workshops will emphasize dance as a universal language of the body moving in time and space.  This synergistic approach offers limitless expansion of the creative processes though the idiom of modern dance.

Teacher workshops are designed to emphasize how dance may be integrated into a variety of cross-curriculum modalities. 

Workshops may also explore dance as a healing art through an investigation of the relationship between the moving body and the environment.  This energy-rhythm-movement triad will be explored in relation to the body-emotion-mind-spirit connection through dance movement.

Student progress, growth and achievement are assessed by using such tools as journals in which students document/comment on their experiences, as well as self-assessment and critique through objective and subjective checklist criteria (provided by the artist), artist observations, on-site teacher reflections, and participation in a performance featuring choreography by the students.  Students will also perform dance pieces set on them by the artist.

As a certified master instructor in Isadora Duncan Studies, the artist offers instruction in the dance techniques, performance traditions, education, dance reconstructions, and history of the Duncan Modern Dance idiom.


Elementary School, Middle School, High School


$350 per day  
Fees and travel expenses are negotiable
Travel expenses are not included

Special Guest Artist Workshops, Performances & Residencies throughout the year